SuSoh european project: promoting energy efficiency in social housing

On November 6 Madrid hosted the I Technical Seminar of the European Sustainable Social Housing project (SuSoh), an initiative that aims to raise awareness and share knowledge between professionals in the construction sector regarding the various advances existing today to undertake the energy refurbishment of buildings in the area of social housing. The event was held at the “La Corrala” Cultural Centre at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and focused on the casing of buildings as the objective for sustainable and efficient refurbishment, as well as the different models used throughout the European Union to finance energy efficiency for social housing.
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The seminar also explained the two energy-saving contract models, the EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) and Intracting that are retro-financed by returns from the energy savings generated once refurbishment has taken place. Local and regional authorities had the chance to learn how to implement these energy-saving contracts in their own buildings.

With this event, the European SuSoh project has initiated its schedule of meetings that aim to promote and implement the objectives identified by the EU as regards energy and climate, at the same time as reducing the household energy bills of families with modest incomes and simultaneously improving their quality of life.

The company CYPE, Software for Architecture, Engineering and Construction has joined the European SuSoh project as a technological partner. Taking part in the technical seminar with a lecture entitled “Energy refurbishment design” was the director for Corporate Development at CYPE, Benjamín González. The event also enjoyed lectures on the funding for urban sustainable energy projects and on financing initiatives for energy refurbishment in Spain.