Greenfoods Project efficiency and innovation in the food and beverage industry

The Greenfoods Project is one of the projects promoted by the FIAB, the Food and Beverage Industry Federation, energy consultant Escan, and the AINIA technological centre. It aims to foster competitiveness, improve security in the energy supply and guarantee sustainable production throughout Europe. Similarly, it encourages the use of innovative technologies and the exchange of experiences, collaborating with platforms that favour sustainability and efficiency in the industrial sector such as Food-for-Life Spain and SUNN, the Startup Neural Network that are designed to discover and disseminate disruptive or highly innovative technologies.

To maintain its competitive edge, the European food and beverage industry must significantly reduce its production costs. Commitment to solutions that are both efficient and environmentally friendly, through energy efficiency and improved processes forms an essential part of the quest to achieve optimisation of available resources. SMEs account for approximately 30% of primary energy demand and as such should significantly contribute to European targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions.

To achieve this target in the food and beverage sector, a Europe-wide, integrated series of measures has to be developed, accompanied by the exchange of experiences and know-how.

Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014