PAINPER project. Making the most of existing infrastructures to incorporate renewables

PAINPER, the Plan to Use Public Infrastructures for Renewable Energy, stems from the difficulties observed when implementing new renewable energy generation systems in areas with overcrowded land infrastructures (high construction density) or that are very limited due to a high percentage of protected land (lack of useful surface area for new installations). In short it has aimed to respond to a need for renewably-sourced energy, minimising its impact and making use of existing infrastructures.

The company ZECSA (Zona Eólica Canaria S.A.) had reported that technological solutions could be found to make the best use of installations already present in every city worldwide. That was when the PAINPER started to take shape, a project structured over four key areas (wind power, solar, biomass and geothermals). Each of these areas has its own technological development and implementation, and for specific solutions, combinations of these technologies were analysed to optimise the technical proposal in question.

The PAINPER plan has been worked on since 2011. It was originally envisaged to be launched in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, but always with a view to extrapolating the results to any part of the globe. Read more…

Aday Martín
Gerente de ZECSA

Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2015