Complete energy refurbishment pilot project in a residential building in Madrid

The complete Energy Refurbishment Pilot Project is a project which demonstrates the possibilities of energy refurbishment through a case study of a building in Madrid, and how a building graded G can become a grade A, resulting in energy savings and improved comfort for its users, as well as revaluation for the building itself. The work was done on a typical building, constructed in the 60s and extremely widespread throughout the country: a residential building block with flats and commercial premises. The project, which kicked off in December 2013, was promoted by the National Association for Refurbishment and Renovation (ANERR), and has the support of 57 companies specialized in this type of project: manufacturers and service suppliers, who have provided solutions in their own field, all of which are available on the market.

The idea comes from ANERR to publicize the benefits of energy refurbishment to the refurbishment sector in general and particularly to the general public.

The objectives of this pilot project are to ascertain and apply what the energy efficiency limit is which can be aspired to in the complete refurbishment of an existing building; assess the economic viability of the operation and develop a method to assess and quantify the quality of refurbishment in planning, implementation, then testing reduced consumption, and increased user comfort. It aims to quantify the costs of refurbishment and the savings after this, to then actually compare and record the real – and not just theoretical – period over which the investment is recovered.

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2014