RECARGO Project: integrating efficiency, renewable energies and electric mobility

    From conventional stations to renewable charging points. E.ON is leading the RECARGO project in Spain, an initiative which promotes electric mobility with clean energies and offers a sustainable solution to foreign energy dependence and the greenhouse effect.

    E.ON, Urbaser and Circutor have set up the RECARGO project, a demonstration of efficient B2B energy services management in recharging electric vehicle fleets with renewable energy. RECARGO marks a significant step forward in electric mobility in Spain and succeeds in integrating clean energies into the system, efficiently and safely.

    In order to reduce the country’s energy dependence and its carbon emissions, E.ON and its Spanish partners Urbaser and Circutor, have developed a project which integrates green energies into electric mobility and uses them as feeding sources independently of foreign market fluctuations. RECARGO –Renewables, Electric CARs & Grid Optimization– is an initiative which, as well as optimising loading processes and thereby reducing their operating costs, contributes to minimising carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2013