PV energy in Mexico. A booming market

At the end of 2014, the total size of Mexico’s solar PV market stood at 66 MW installed according to data contained in the National Renewable Energy Inventory (INERE); this capacity corresponds to an annual generation of 84 GWh. At that time, and in line with the information contained in this inventory, there was a total of 1,815 MW under construction in Mexico, representing a
generation potential of 3,487 GWh/year. Taking into account installations in the pipeline and those whose construction had not started prior to the end of last year, there are a further 2,333 MW, together totalling an annual generation capacity of 4,684 GWh.

Turning to the latest figures, in line with SENER’s Energy Information System that uses data from the state utility, the CFE, PV in Mexico generated 9.3 GWh between January and August 2015. Indeed, data from the CRE (Mexico’s energy regulatory commission) from May this year shows that licences granted for PV plants of more than 1 MW throughout Mexico represented just over 7,278 MW.

Between 2011 and 2014, Mexico’s solar market has grown at rates of close to 100% per year and the figures presented by the INERE and the CRE appear to forecast that the market will continue to grow at a good pace. In line with independent forecasts and the Energy Ministry for the period 2018-2019, Mexico’s PV stock could achieve 4,000 MW of installed capacity. Another good omen for this market is the possible estimated potential for solar in Mexico that, in line with the INERE itself and the SENER’s Renewable Energy Outlook 2013-2027, could amount to 2,500,000 GWh/year. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY October 2015