PV energy: the power of the sun for companies

FuturENERGY April-May 2020

Companies must react to the rise in energy costs at the same time as reducing their carbon footprint for ecological reasons. PV technology can respond to both challenges, not only due to its versatility but also because of its low costs. In this regard, solar power represents the indispensable basis of the energy transformation, as well as one of the main keys to meeting the climate objectives established by the EU for 2030 and, in the longer term, the goal of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

The price of electricity for the commercial and industrial segment currently stands between 0.12-0.16 €/kWh (small business) and 0.6-0.12 €/kWh (industrial), and the trend is on the rise. This represents a considerable burden, especially for small and medium enterprises. But the financial load is not the only element in play. The continuous increase in the price of energy affects long-term planning and cost competitiveness and, consequently, has repercussions on the company as a whole. As such, companies must become independent and use as little electricity as possible from the power grid, by generating their own energy.