PV experts and the Board of CyL support the development of consumption as a key part of the current energy policy

PV experts and the Board of CyL support the development of consumption as a key part of the current energy policy.The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), the EREN, and CyLSOLAR sign an agreement for work on removing barriers to consumption and dissemination of its benefits to domestic, corporate or institutional level.

The CEO of UNEF, José Donoso, has highlighted the high potential for the development of consumption in food businesses, key to the economy of the region industry. Its application would allow them to reduce their energy costs, increase competitiveness, and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.
Valladolid, 18 October 2017. The Director General of Energy and Mines and director of EREN, Ricardo González Mantero, opened a meeting that met in Valladolid to a hundred representatives of companies from the renewable and photovoltaic sector, the government, consumers and users and professional associations.

At the conference, which has been attended by the president of CyLsolar, Carlos Izquierdo Iglesias and CEO of UNEF, José Donoso, González Mantero has stressed the importance of consumption as a new energy model and strategic element of the current energy policy the European Union.

EREN director considers it essential to combine the forces of the various public authorities to disseminate, facilitate and socialize, and make it an affordable option for citizens, beneficial and can clearly affect the competitiveness of companies and, as a guarantee of work in the right direction is the support received from the EU in its latest measures, such as winter energy package.

Finally, he confirmed the firm commitment of the Board for this form of use of photovoltaic solar energy that is supported by its inclusion in calls for aid and own facilities, as is the case of the two demonstration in the building EREN.

For his part, José Donoso, CEO of UNEF, stressed that in Castilla y León “there is a high potential for the development of consumption, especially in food businesses, key to the economy of the region industry. He added that “ to bet on consumption, these companies reduce their energy costs, demonstrate their commitment to the environment and increase their competitiveness in the market.

In addition, Donoso recalled that consumption is integral with other consumers, to help reduce electricity bills for all users, and its development does not affect the sustainability of the electricity system. In a scenario of growth of 250 MW of consumption per year in Spain, reducing system revenue by consumption would be 4.1 M €, which, for a system whose revenues in 2016 were 16,795 M €, represents only 0.02%. With consumption, therefore we won all autoconsumidores, society and our planet.

Agreement for the promotion of photovoltaic own consumption

The Junta de Castilla y León has signed an agreement with CyLSOLAR and UNEF for spreading the benefits of photovoltaic self-consumption to domestic, corporate or institutional level, with performances dissemination, training, proposed recommendations, etc. and assistance to installers and government itself.
At the conference they were presented the main lines of work based on eliminating barriers that may prevent the development of new models of electricity generation and give visibility to this new form of distributed electricity generation.

Autoconsumo to detail, a digital platform autoconsumo

EREN presented ‘Autoconsumo to detail’, accessible to citizens and businesses that provides technical, energy and economic information technology web platform, and resolves them the main questions that may arise them, while allowing them to ” autocalcularse “roughly the facility that best suits your home or business.
This tool, which was developed by the working group of self-consumption of the Association of Spanish Agencies Energy Management (EnerAgen), seeks to unify all channels and sources of information into one which, when agreed and valid for all the country set itself up as the source of reference information for both users and installers, and the rest of Energy Agencies, strengthening the sector and progress in changing energy paradigm with the user as an active part of their energy choices .
‘Autoconsumo to detail’ allow rebuild confidence in the sector of renewable energies, particularly photovoltaic, and make the facilities re-run, transmitting a positive and optimism among society message for self – consumption is seen as what it is really a legal option to present public administrations seek to promote decisively.

Meeting point for the exchange of experiences

In addition to the two main organizations solar presence in Castilla and Leon, the companies in the sector have exposed their real success stories of photovoltaic systems for electric consumption to bring citizens and potential developers closer to the benefits of this form of power generation.

EnerAgen has exposed the vision that energy agencies have self-consumption through 4 energy agencies of provincial and local levels that the association has in Castilla y León EREN apart from himself.

The Valladolid provincial municipal energy agency of Burgos, the province of Avila, and the provincial power service deputation of Soria have shown the vision and support for own consumption facilities in their areas.