PV GRID issues key recommendations to better integrate photovoltaics into European distribution grids

The European PV GRID advisory paper aims at providing an overview of the issues and barriers that need to be addressed in order to enhance the distribution grid hosting capacity for PV and other distributed generation (DG).
To this purpose, barriers are classified as either cross-cutting challenges or specific barriers, depending on whether they have an overarching, system-wide character or rather focus on one single issue such as curtailment, self-consumption or storage. Finally, a set of preliminary recommendations on how to overcome these issues is presented, allowing for the implementation of the identified technical solutions.
Two versions for consultation are available:
European advisory paper: key recommendations
Full European advisory paper
The PV GRID project consortium invites all European stakeholders to provide comments and feedback on the contents of the European advisory paper. Feed-back can be sent to info[@]pvgrid.eu until 30 April 2014.