PV, ready for the next move

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

The PV sector is riding high at the moment. The key to this trend lies in the about-turn taken by Spanish legislation in the past two years that has laid the foundations for faster, clearer and simpler rules, thereby improving competitiveness and allowing us to profit from our country’s abundant energy source.

The campaign single-handedly undertaken by UNEF, the Spanish PV Industry Association, to advise regional administrations on how to simplify the regulations and eliminate works requirements for rooftop installations, has been crucial for increasing the growth curve in the self-consumption sector. In recent months, eight Autonomous Communities have already published laws that remove these burdens that are borne directly by the citizen. The Canary Islands have just joined Valencia, Extremadura, the Balearics, Catalonia, Galicia, Castilla y León and Andalusia in an effort to accelerate the deployment of installations that make the most of renewable energies.

The technology is also on our side. The advances achieved by companies that continue to invest in R&D, allow this energy to be used more competitively day on day, to position Spain among the best in the world.