PV self-consumption in single family dwellings

FuturENERGY May 2018

Having commissioned two 5 kWp plants last January at the L’Alcudia Town Hall in Valencia (see issue no. 47 of FuturENERGY), in April the company JONSOK Autoconsumo S.L. developed, executed and commissioned three Type 1 PV self-consumption installations in single family dwellings in the metropolitan area of Valencia (Rocafort, Godella and El Puig), with outputs of 3.78 kWp, 1.62 kWp and 1.62 kWp respectively. It is in this field of domestic projects with small installed outputs, where JONSOK has identified the real social nature of PV energy and this is why their engineering and turnkey execution of self-consumption projects bear the first names of each of their owners: Rafa, Nuria and Rocío.

Given their geographical proximity, the three self-consumption projects were implemented simultaneously as regards their execution and administration, registering all three with the same distribution company, Iberdrola. The application and approval of connection points was favourable in every case and company responded in less than two weeks.

Another aspect was the processing of the installation and legalisation of the corresponding protection and measuring boxes at the entry points of each installation, as well as handling the corresponding access contracts to adapt to Royal Decree 900/2015, under which the periods have been needlessly extended to over two months. Needlessly so because the sector, and more specifically, the institutions, associations and companies that promote and defend self-consumption, believe that it is unnecessary (at least in Type 1 installations) to have a metering point at an entry point and consequently it is not even necessary to request a connection or even enter into an access contract with the distributor.

By José Rodríguez Fuentes
CEO and Founding Partner, JONSOK Autoconsumo, S.L.