PV self-consumption with surplus at a publishing house

FuturENERGY November 2018

Following the descriptions of self-consumption plants in public administration buildings (see the February issue of FuturENERGY, no. 47, with installations in the Town Hall and Library in L’Alcudia, Valencia) and in the residential sector (see the May issue of FuturENERGY, no. 50, with installations in single family dwellings), this article covers a 19 kWp self-consumption PV installation with surplus that the company Jonsok Autoconsumo S.L. developed, implemented and launched last August for publishing house Edicions Bromera, in the Valencian town of Alzira.

The self-consumption installation was incorporated and integrated into the demanding planning and works schedule of the new industrial installations that the flagship Valencia-based publishing house, Edicions Bromera, has constructed at the El Pla Industrial Estate in Alzira. To comply with this schedule, the self-consumption installation had to be constructed and commissioned on the rooftop of the company premises – , in the middle of the heat wave in early August. It took just three days of works to complete the construction, leaving the plant ready for commissioning testing that achieved outcomes above those of the design engineering.

Edicions Bromera is a company that is very environmentally-aware and has taken particular care over the energy efficiency and environmental management aspects of its new installations. The main warehouse, covering over 1,000 m2, was designed with a gabled roof orientated east-west which offers a surface area of 500 m2 of south-facing roof.

By José Rodríguez Fuentes
CEO and Founding Partner, JONSOK Autoconsumo, S.L.