PVCROPS: the leading EU project for high PV integration into Europe’s electrical grids

PVCROPS is the acronym for Europe’s benchmark project on the enhanced integration of PV energy into the continent’s electrical grids. This project is headed up by the PV Systems Group at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s Solar Power Institute and brings together 11 institutions from 7 different countries. The project has a budget of more than 6 M€ and is coordinated by ETSIST professor Luis Narvarte who has received the Madri+d award for its achievement.

The project has a dual objective. On one hand, it aims to reduce the cost of PV electricity by 30% to make it competitive, not only its commercialisation cost for the utilities (that is already competitive) but also as regards the generation cost, bringing it down to 0.07c€/kWh. The electricity generation price based on conventional sources has oscillated over the past decade between 0.035€/kWh and 0.07€/kWh.

For PV electricity to achieve this price range, PVCROPS is developing tools to optimise the design of photovoltaic systems during their preparation phase; technical specifications and quality control procedures for the installation phase; and automatic fault detection procedures for the operational phase. These developments will all maximise its efficiency and productivity, with an expected increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic systems of 10%. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015