R2CITIES: Valladolid, a reference for energy efficiency in Europe

The aim of the R2CITIES project, led by CARTIF, is to develop innovative technologies for energy efficiency, energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction ; these will be showcased on a life-size scale in around thirty buildings in Valladolid’s Cuatro de Marzo neighbourhood, and can easily be replicated in renovation projects in other European cities.

The R2CITIES project (Renovation of residential urban spaces: towards nearly zero energy) aims to develop and demonstrate a strategy which is open and can be easily replicated for the design, construction and management of major retrofitting projects for neighbourhoods on a large scale in order to achieve cities with nearly zero energy consumption.

The project, which kicked off in July 2013, will take place at demonstration spots located in three residential quarters: Spain (Valladolid), Italy (Genoa) and Turkey (Kartal-Istanbul).

Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2013