Record 15 GW of new wind turbines ordered in 2020

Foto cortesía de / Photo courtesy of: WindEurope.© CHRIS BARBALIS

Despite the ongoing pandemic, both onshore and offshore orders saw an increase in sales. Wind turbine orders went up by 74% in 2020, to a record number of 15 GW, according to the report Wind Turbine Order Monitoring 2020, from WindEurope

European countries ordered 8.2 GW of onshore wind turbines – a 13% increase compared to 2019. Offshore orders grew six-fold compared to the previous year to 6.4 GW.

The 104 orders came from 19 different countries over the year. The United Kingdom ordered most wind turbine capacity with 4.4 GW, followed by the Netherlands with 2.4 GW and Sweden came third with 1.4 GW.

Sweden ordered the most onshore turbines followed by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. For offshore, the UK ordered the most capacity followed by the Netherlands. France and Germany are the other countries to have ordered a significant amount of offshore turbines but stalling wind energy expansion in both countries led to lower orders than in previous years.

Source: WindEurope