DHC networks in Spain. A growing sector

    In October 2011, in collaboration with the IDAE (Spanish Institute for Diversifying and Saving Energy), ADHAC decided to start a census on existing DHC Networks in Spain. In September last year ADHAC presented an update of this census, showing major growth in the number of DHC networks, up from 46 to 139 networks (although the number of local networks is actually 200, sufficient data is available for only 139 of these).

    The census, drawn from publicly available information, in-house data from ADHAC members, and surveys on network operators/ owners, covers both grids and microgrids and gives a picture of the situation of district heating and cooling (DHC) systems in Spain as a whole.

    The 139 networks where data is available cover an area equivalent to 5 million m2, equivalent to 65,000 homes. These networks have a total length of 220 km and produce emissions savings of 100,000 t/year of CO2 and average savings of 75% on fossil fuels.

    Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2014