REEMAIN Project: improving energy efficiency for European factories of the future

Making manufacturing more efficient is key to maintaining Europe’s competitiveness and keeping production alive in our economies, as well as globally benefitting the environment in which we live. The aim of the REEMAIN project is to deliver models and methodologies that consume less energy and resources in as many sectors as possible. It also aims to help EU companies export c-lean (clean and lean) production technologies to the rest of the world.

The Resource and Energy Efficient ManufacturINg (REEMAIN) project, led by CARTIF Technology Centre, aims to show that factories can maintain product excellence at the same time as consuming less resources and increasing energy efficiency through the use of renewable energy technologies, achieving high levels of efficiency in production processes and improving management procedures. The project has three main focus areas, which correspond to its key activities:

  • Development and testing of holistic simulation tools to help analyse factory performance and the decision-making process to establish the most effective strategies.
  • Optimisation of current factory operations including the recovery of wasted energy (mainly residual heat) as a first efficiency measure before investing in new solutions.
  • Seamless integration of renewable energy sources into the manufacturing processes. Read more…
  • Aníbal Reñones
    Project Coordinator, CARTIF

    Article published in: FuturENERGY December 2015