Refurbishment of the high energy efficiency hybrid plant at the Parc Bit science and technology park

FuturENERGY February-March 2021

Reforma de la planta híbrida de alta eficiencia energética del parque empresarial Parc Bit

The SAMPOL Group has invested almost €3m in refurbishing the Parc Bit science and technology park high energy efficiency plant in Palma de Mallorca. An innovative combined-cycle district plant, this installation represents one of the few case studies existing in the world of hybridised cogeneration with renewable energy. Thanks to SAMPOL’s commitment to clean and renewable fuels, Parc Bit and the UIB will reduce NOx emissions from 1,500 to 250 mg/Nm3 and CO2 emissions by 30%.

SAMPOL Group, a specialist in applied engineering solutions, energy efficiency, renewable energy and digitalisation, has unveiled the refurbishment of the trigeneration plant and biomass boiler of the high energy efficiency system of the Parc Bit science and technology park in Palma. The investment made by the Mallorca-based multi-national to improve the energy efficiency of the plant has amounted to almost €3m.

These improvements represent the most important milestone for the trigeneration plant since SAMPOL started its operation in 2008. SAMPOL Group is thereby positioning itself at the forefront of district plants by combining the high energy efficiency of cogeneration with renewable energy produced by biomass and solar. Replacing the old diesel engines with high efficiency natural gas units, installing a new exhaust gas absorption chiller and the installation of a biomass boiler represent an important jump in efficiency. In addition it has reduced the environmental impact and the carbon footprint of Parc Bit and the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands), by reducing NOx emissions (nitrogen oxide) into the atmosphere of 1,250 mg/Nm3 and achieving a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions.