Refurbishment: the key to saving on household energy bill

To make buildings more energy-efficient the ‘Improve your community’s energy’ campaign features a pilot refurbishment project which is underway in an apartment building in Madrid. The objective of this initiative is to show Spanish society all the aspects of a process of energy improvements in the home that can potentially reduce household energy consumption by up to 80%, saving over €680 per year on the energy bill per household and also benefitting the environment. With this reform we can make buildings more socially inclusive, thus addressing Spain’s problems of “energy poverty” and improving quality of life for all.

“Improve your community’s energy” is a WWF campaign, in collaboration with the Reale Foundation, which aims to promote a more sustainable and efficient city. Through a pilot project on energy refurbishment in a residential building in Madrid this initiative aims to spread to the rest of the country and raise awareness of the need – and the opportunity – to apply measures geared at saving and energy efficiency in buildings, thus saving more than 680 euros per year per household.

The works are being conducted in collaboration with Madrid Town Council’s Municipal Housing Company (EMVS) on a building constructed in the 50s, and with serious energy shortcomings. The proposed refurbishment implements recommendations from the energy audit carried out in 2013 by the consultants, Creara, and includes the refurbishment of the facade and the roof, replacing windows and shutters with more efficient types, improving wiring, and replacing light bulbs, again with more efficient types.

Article published in: FuturENERGY March 2014