Renewables, the crisis of a key and profitable sector

    The renewable energy sector in Spain is immersed in the biggest crisis of its entire history as a result of the energy reform implemented by the Government which, furthermore, offers no way out for the sector with a view to the future. This is evidenced by data collated in the Study on the Macroeconomic Impact of Renewable Energies in Spain in 2013, published by APPA for the sixth year running and in the 2014 Preliminary Report on the Spanish Electricity Sector, published by the REE, the Spanish Electricity Grid.

    The Spanish renewables sector is facing a bleak outlook with hopes mainly pinned on the fact that the European Union objectives as regards climate change and energy could save the sector from disaster – a sector that only a short while ago enjoyed a position of recognised international leadership and an example to be followed by a host of countries worldwide.

    The APPA study demonstrates the benefits that renewables contribute to the Spanish economy and the good source of business it represents for our country. It also shows the downturn in the sector resulting from the Government’s reform and its anti-renewable policy.

    José Miguel Villarig
    President of APPA, Spain’s Renewable Energy Association

    Article published in: FuturENERGY January-February 2015