Repsol, la Caixa and CDTI invest in Scutum, manufacturer of electric scooters

They have invested two million euros into the company, engaged in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of a new electric scooter concept, based on an electric platform with removable batteries that are easy to transport.
This technology, patented by Scutum, eliminates the need for a charging point near the vehicle and allows users of these motorcycles to recharge the batteries at home or in the office. The vehicles are equipped with two types of batteries: one 16-kilo unit that is recharged in 1.5 hours, and a larger 25-kilo unit, which takes 3 hours to recharge and lasts for 80 kilometres.
Scutum has developed the first motorcycle model with its own patented technology. Currently the company is marketing the S02 model, which is easily adaptable to business solutions aimed at companies with large fleets of motorbikes, and has a prototype, the S01 model, aimed at the general public. The new partners will provide two million euros to help industrialize production and launch the marketing of the new S01 model.
The electric motorcycle market is growing, not only in Spain but throughout the world. Sales of electric bikes have grown significantly in recent years due to several factors, such as price (they use just 0.50 euros per 100 kilometres) and easy recharging, an aspect that stands out in the Scutum models.
Currently, there are 200 million two-wheeled vehicles in the world, of which 2% are electric. All forecasts point to a greater market share of electric bikes in the medium term.