Rolls-Royce expands battery container production

The Rolls-Royce’s business unit Power Systems is increasing its capacities for producing battery containers. From 2021 the MTU EnergyPacks are to be manufactured in the Siemens-Technopark in Ruhstorf, Bavaria, where Rolls-Royce already has a production site. The tenancy agreement has just been signed.

The expansion of the production site is to form part of Rolls-Royce’s new Microgrid Solutions division, established by Rolls-Royce at the beginning of the year when it acquired a majority stake in the Berlin-based energy storage specialist Qinous, now operating under the name Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin. Microgrids are smart local power networks that combine power generated from renewables such as solar and wind energy with conventional power generation and storage batteries. Currently, most MTU EnergyPacks are produced in Ruhstorf at Rolls- Royce subsidiary MTU Onsite Energy Systems, whose main specialty is series production of large MTU-brand electrical gensets.

The plan is for the three former factory halls of Siemens AG to be rebuilt, following which the fitting of battery modules to several 40-ft containers simultaneously, with subsequent testing, is to be possible from early 2021. The facilities will also include a showroom for customers, a warehouse, offices and adjoining rooms.

There is a lot more to an MTU EnergyPack than just a series of battery modules in a container. Besides li-ion batteries, the container houses an electronic control unit, transformers, and cooling equipment. In other words, it constitutes a complete and integral energy storage solution. MTU EnergyPacks are already in service around the world – close to home in eastern Germany for example, where they store the electrical power produced by solar parks, as well as further afield in Costa Rica or the Seychelles.

Source: Rolls-Royce Power Systems