Rolls-Royce provides backup power solution for modernization of Peruvian seaport

Rolls-Royce recently provided three MTU Onsite Energy 20V 4000 generator sets to be installed at the Port of Callao, the chief seaport of Peru that gives commercial and marine access to the city and surrounding areas. The Port of Callao is the largest port on South America’s West Coast and is owned by APM Terminals. The port, which serves as the gateway to Peru, handles containerized and general cargo such as metals, grains, fertilizers, chemicals, coal, vegetable and fish oils and machinery.

APM Terminals is currently undergoing an extensive modernization to increase the port’s capacity, ability to handle large vessels, and capability to support the growing agriculture sector, which in turn, will help improve Peru’s global competitiveness. JJC General Contractors South America, a local construction company, is handling the port’s modernization project and also managed the generator set installation.

The highly-engineered Series 4000 generator set offers outstanding fuel economy and best-in-class reliability and availability. They deliver a power output of 3,250 kWe through the 20-cylinder configuration of the engine. If power to the seaport is lost, an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) will transfer the electrical load to MTU Onsite Energy’s backup power solution within seconds. Backup power is essential to keep power running to equipment that is critical to the port’s operation, such as gantry cranes, refrigeration systems and substations.

Detroit Diesel MTU Peru, an authorized distributor of MTU Onsite Energy products commissioned the project, developed the engineering, delivered and installed the system and performed final performance tests with the systems.

Source: MTU Onsite Energy