Rubí Brilla: A shining example of a municipality that stimulates energy efficiency

    What leads a municipality in the Vallès Occidental (Barcelona) like Rubí to initiate an all-encompassing energy policy to stimulate energy efficiency and the development of renewable energy? Find out in the following report:

    The global situation of our planet is alarming: thanks to hydrocarbons, since 1950 global energy consumption has multiplied by five and GDP by seven thus it could be said that there is a direct relationship between energy consumption and economic growth. But the situation in Spain is even worse. Every year we import more than 50 billion Euros in fossil fuels – an indication of a level of energy dependence of over 80% on overseas sources.

    This takes into account the situation of deflation in which the Spanish state finds itself, however if we look at earlier evidence demonstrating the relationship between energy consumption and economic growth, when Spain starts to grow and unemployment reduces, will we actually be able to afford the energy supplied from elsewhere?

    Article published in: FuturENERGY November-December 2014