Sacyr Industrial and Isotrón sign an agreement to go in for epc electricity generation tenders

Sacyr Industrial, a company of the Sacyr group which develops EPC services and projects for industrial infrastructures and installations, and Isotrón have signed a collaboration agreement to bid jointly in EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) electricity generation and transmission tenders.
The agreement means that Sacyr Industrial and Isotrón will participate equally and jointly in EPC tenders on electrical lines, electricity substations, thermal generation plants (gas, diesel, biomass and others) and renewable energy plants (photovoltaic, solar and wind).

The association will include the excellent references and execution resources of Isotrón and the important international management capacity of Sacyr Industrial, focusing initially on the markets and/or customers where both partners have a significant influence capacity.

Sacyr Industrial is an affiliate of the Sacyr group, developing engineering and industrial construction projects in the oil and gas, electrical infrastructure, power plants and waste management sectors. It operates a major growth strategy with various projects in the oil & gas sector, electricity infrastructures, power plants and waste processing facilities in the United Kingdom, Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Peru, and also in Spain.

Sacyr Industrial has recently set up Sacyr Fluor after the acquisition of a 50% stake in the Spanish subsidiary of the Fluor Corporation. The new company shall no doubt boost the growth of the group’s industrial subsidiary by way of its engineering services and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects in the oil and gas sector and the onshore petrochemical industry in Spain, Southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and several Latin American countries. Sacyr Nervión has also been constituted along with Nervión Industries, each company having a 50% participation, to bid for projects focused on the comprehensive repair of all kinds of storage tanks in any place of the world, giving maintenance services to refineries and other productive facilities of the Oil&Gas sector and other selective industrial site maintenance and assembly projects.

The operations of this contract meet the new strategic targets set by Sacyr to boost its construction and operating concession business, along with its services and industrial activities, thus increasing its market share and capacity to take on big business challenges. The foregoing will no doubt see the company become an international touchstone for the sectors and countries in which it operates.

Isotrón, a member of the Isastur group, has extensive experience in the engineering, assembly, start-up and maintenance of electromechanical installations, instrumentation, regulation and control in energy production (thermoelectric, hydraulic, renewable), petrochemicals, environment (water purification, seawater desalination) and electrical infrastructures (lines and substations). It has carried out important projects in Europe (France, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Romania and Russia), America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela), Maghreb (Morocco, Algeria and Egypt), and in Angola, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Yemen and China. The company has a stable presence in Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil and Uruguay.