Saft and Enercon install an energy storage system in the Faroe Islands

Saft is working with Enercon to deliver an energy storage system (ESS) project for SEV, the power producer and distributor for the Faroe Islands. The 2.3 MW project will see Europe’s first commercial deployment of a Li-ion battery system operating in combination with a wind farm. The ESS will enhance grid stability by helping to smooth ramp rates while providing ancillary services such as frequency control, enabling SEV to capture the full potential of the new 12 MW Húsahagi wind farm. The system will comprise two Saft’s Intensium® Max high power containerised Li-ion batteries, with a nominal rating of 700 kWh and 2.3 MW, combined with Enercon’s containerised 2.3 MVA power conversion system and power control system. It is scheduled for commissioning in December 2015.

The Faroe Islands government is committed to reducing its dependence on oil by making use of the abundant wind and hydro energy resources. The aim is to increase the share of renewable generation from 38% in 2011 to 75% in 2020. The latest step in this renewable energy programme is this new 12 MW wind farm, comprising 13 Enercon wind turbines, located in Husahagi, to the north of the capital Tórshavn on the island of Streymoy. This wind farm, inaugurated in 2014, has increased the country’s wind share to 26% of total electricity production. The ESS will help minimise curtailment (when wind generation is available but not injected into the grid) which can otherwise occur in periods of high wind and low consumption due to the destabilising effect of variable wind generation.