Saft energy storage equipment helps RTE increase grid flexibility

FuturENERGY April - May 2022

Los equipos de almacenamiento de energía de Saft ayudan a RTE a aumentar la flexibilidad de la red

French grid transmission operator RTE has acquired a Li-ion energy storage system from Saft for the innovative RINGO project. The test project uses energy storage to increase the flexibility of the grid, and therefore prepare for the growing deployment of renewable energy in France’s energy mix.

This increased flexibility will allow RTE to adapt to the changes in the energy mix, optimise its assets and maximise the use of renewable energy. Because solar and wind farms are often situated at the ends of the grid, they can lose energy when the transmission lines do not have enough capacity to carry their full production.

Rather than building new transmission lines, RTE is using the RINGO project to test an innovative approach to the use of energy storage: digitally controlling the system to absorb and free up energy simultaneously in different sites located upstream and downstream from the grid bottlenecks. In this way, the RTE pilot system can manage the excess Renewable energy production and deliver it, exceeding the máximum capacity of the transmission line. This does not interfere with the competitive energy trading markets, bringing flexibility without infringing on RTE’s regulatory requirements.