Schaeffler Iberia: towards 100% sustainable management

FuturENERGY September-October 2020

In 2016, the Schaeffler Iberia plant in Elgoibar launched a plan to achieve carbon-neutral production by 2020. Today, Schaeffler Iberia is able to confirm that it has achieved the aim of zero-emission production, considering the direct emissions of greenhouse gases (target 1) and emissions from the electricity purchased (target 2). Schaeffler’s success has been possible thanks to a series of actions that directly affect the productive and other processes, resulting from the involvement of both employees and collaborators.

From 3,606 t/CO2 in 2015 to carbon neutrality in 2020

As a production centre, the Schaeffler plant in Elgoibar consumes a large quantity of energy during the productive process. When the project commenced in 2015, the volume of CO2 emissions amounted to 3,606 tonnes/year (targets 1 and 2).

In August 2016, the plant started using electricity originating solely from renewable sources, thereby achieving a significant reduction in emissions.