Schneider to design and produce the charging infrastructures for electric and hybrid BMWs

Schneider Electric and BMW i have started developing in Spain their joint global agreement on electric mobility signed by the two firms in 2013. Schneider Electric has designed an advanced performance Wallbox exclusively for BMW for residential use which will enable anyone who buys a BMW i3 or BMW i8 to charge, safely and speedily, their vehicle at home or in the office. The BMW i3 is the first electric vehicle to reach the market designed from the outset to be charged up at home. The German automotive firm launched the BMW i range last November, with sales forecasts of 10,000 units for 2014. However, just a few weeks after going to market, the BMW i3 already had 8,000 firm orders, most of them for the 100% electric vehicle, which suggests sales forecasts for the whole year will be beaten.
The BMW i Wallbox unit allows the user to charge immediately, that is, simply pressing the start button once the cable is connected, or else on a time delay, using a timer. To turn off, it also has two functions. Firstly, the automatic off function, once the battery is completely charged, or the manual turn-off control, by pressing the off button.