Schneider Electric launches Hub Height Wind forecasting

Schneider Electric now offers one of the most comprehensive weather intelligence solutions in the market focused on the Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance segment

Schneider Electric recently announced the launch of Hub Height Wind forecasting capabilities within their WeatherSentryOnline platform. This feature helps identify potential risks of high wind speeds and wind gusts at turbine hub heights, and the impact they may have on assets. As a result, wind farms can do better maintenance scheduling and control maintenance costs, which can typically run into several thousand dollars per day.

Schneider Electric’s superior Hub Height Wind forecasting capabilities provide wind speeds, wind gusts and wind direction forecasts seven days in advance at different heights of turbines. Turbine-specific forecasts can be generated for any worldwide wind farm location.


Knowledge of forecasted wind activity will aid wind farm operators in scheduling proper times for maintenance—specifically, when high winds don’t pose a safety risk for maintenance equipment and personnel.

Improved operations planning saves money, avoiding costs such as crane rental fees, which have to be rented in advance. More efficient planning will help operators maximize output from the farm, as well as improve crew safety. High wind speeds can make maintenance work extremely dangerous, posing a threat to the safety of the maintenance crew. If the winds are forecasted to be high, the operator can modify the maintenance schedule for a clear period based on these forecasts.

Source: Schneider Electric