Schneider Electric presents a solution to manage small companies

Schneider Electric has launched Smartlink ELEC, a system designed for the owners and managers of small companies whose activity relies on devices connected to the electrical grid. It is essential for this type of business to have access to their electrical installation in order to monitor it and detect any possible faults, so as to avoid direct repercussions on the operation of their company. The Smartlink ELEC solution is able to connect to and control the electrical grid from anywhere via a free mobile app, enabling the management of the devices and the development of the business.

Smartlink ELEC converts an electrical distribution switchboard into a communication system, by collecting information on the installation and sending the data to the cloud, where it is processed and analysed. The data is then sent to the mobile, where the user can clearly and easily view it and take the necessary steps to manage their business as efficiently as possible.

This system requires no complicated installation or special programming. All that has to be done is install the Acti 9 Smartlink ELEC device in the switchboard and connect it to the grid via an Ethernet cable to a router.

The Smartlink ELEC device is able to perform the following actions:

  • 24/7 real time connection to the electrical installation, for total peace of mind.
  • Visualising and monitoring the status of the electrical system.
  • Receiving a warning if any critical electrical device is unexpectedly disconnected.
  • Receiving a notification in the event of anomalies, such as an increase in temperature levels, humidity or CO2 over and above established standards.
  • Monitoring the energy consumption.
  • Remotely controlling the electrical switchgear.
  • Increasing security and energy efficiency.
  • Remotely reconnecting the electrical protection activated to return the device to its normal status.
  • Remotely disconnecting the lighting, heating, illuminated signs, neon signage, etc., when not needed.
  • Remotely programming the schedule for the lighting and other devices to cover actual demand.