Schneider presents a complete range of self-consumption products

Schneider Electric has presented a complete range of products for residential and commercial solar PV facilities for self-consumption and grid connection, as well as off-grid and back-up applications.
The Conext RL inverter is a flexible and efficient single phase solution for the residential sector and is available in 3, 4 and 5 kW capacities. With a 97.5% conversion efficiency, it has been specially designed to maximise performance of residential blocks and individual houses.
Schneider Electric has also extended its Conext TL inverter range, available now in 8, 10, 15 and 20 kW. Conext TL has been specially designed for commercial buildings, car parks and decentralised power plants.
Conext Monitor 20 is a solution which has been specially designed for monitoring small PV facilities of up to 20 kW and which provides a simple, compact remote control. It is easy to configure, so owners of these plants can supervise the inverter’s performance from anywhere over a website.
Conext Designer is a sizing tool which allows you to choose the right inverter as well as selecting the number of panels and most appropriate series for your facility in order to maximise energy generation and minimise cabling losses.
Schneider’s new off-grid and back-up solutions are Conext SW, a new concept for off-grid PV facilities and grid back-up applications.
Finally, we have the Conext™ ComBox, ideal for monitoring and setting up an isolated PV installation from your chosen device, whether this is a personal computer, a tablet or building management system. Recording data and events, as well as graphs showing solar collection history, in real time and the installation’s production can be easily viewed with a web browser or Android tablet. Installers can modify settings for inverter models SW, XW, MPPT 60-150, MPPT 80-600, AGS and SCP during the set up, and reply remotely to system alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A Modbus interface connects Conext devices with other manufacturers’ sophisticated software packages and management systems. The integrated Micro-SD card provides extra space for data storage. Conext ComBox is compatible with devices using the Xanbus protocol.