Schoolhaus, the next generation of efficient school buildings

Schoolhaus is leading the way in energy efficient off-site system construction. Whether the requirement is for modular, demountable or permanent buildings, Schoolhaus provides the answer with a low cost, ‘energy first’ design which delivers the ideal build environment for education. In less than two years, the developer, UK Energy Partners, has delivered nine of the top ten most energy efficient school buildings in the country – as determined by EPC ratings. The multi-award-winning Schoolhaus design has been adapted to single and multiple classroom buildings, offices and dining blocks as well as an exam hall – and now, a fully- functioning performing arts centre.

Schoolhaus is an energy efficient design and an alternative delivery model, through which it is possible to design, plan and construct these buildings at a fraction of the cost of traditional building services. UK Energy Partners aims to at least double in size over the next few years as we take on the large, traditional builders with a new methodology – off-site manufacturing as a prelude to ultra-quick on-site construction – which will continue to drive down the cost of delivering super-efficient, contemporary building solutions.

The Schoolhaus building solution encompasses the latest energy efficient technologies in one cohesive building.

Neil Smith
Technical Director of UK Energy Partners

Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2015