The first Integrated Energy Refurbishment Project, managed by ANERR, kicks off

The inaugural day, with an initial demonstration of results, was attended by members of various governmental bodies, companies taking part in the project and members of the press including FuturENERGY.
Thanks to the refurbishment, the block of residential flats has gone from a ”G” energy rating to an “A”, and is one of the first refurbished buildings in the country to achieve this category.
The refurbishment was carried out by ANERR with the help of nearly sixty participating companies on a block of flats in the Fuencarral neighbourhood of Madrid.
The PREI project aims to serve as a model for refurbishment and to create awareness and buzz about its possibilities in the construction sector and for the end user.
57 companies, both manufacturers and service providers, took part in the project, each offering a solution in their specific specialty area.
Now the work has been completed, it is time for the phase in which consumption is monitored and comparisons made of the energy saving achieved, as well as for demonstrating these results, both by publishing them, and with organised trips around the building.