Self-consumption, efficiency energy and electric vehicle charging. A successful combination for businesses

Solar photovoltaic self-consumption installations with zero injection into the grid are not only a legal reality in Spain, but also in many other countries and represent a unique opportunity for businesses to reduce and stabilise their energy costs over time.

With the aim of offering this type of solutions to businesses, Future Energy Consulting Services and Circutor signed a collaboration agreement in February 2014, which has already yielded results. Over the first year and a half of joint work, they have developed four projects to turn this perfect combination into a reality for businesses a diverse as a car dealership and a horticulture and fruit production company in the south of Spain. The Sun Tower concept, developed by Proconsult, has been installed at each.

Energy costs currently represent a high proportion of companies’ expenditure in addition to the uncertainty that their evolution could endanger the competitiveness of their activity. Being able to generate power from the sun at company’s own building, providing between 30% and 50% of the energy required and reducing this amount to the minimum amount necessary, are the strength of these solutions. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2015