Semi-instantaneous condensing systems for DHW production in sports centres

One of the features of sports facilities is that they are large consumers of DHW, with very high peaks in consumption during extremely short periods of time. To meet these needs, they have traditionally had to resort to large volumes of accumulation to guarantee such moments of critical consumption. However, maintaining this large quantity of water in readiness for peak times represents a high energy cost, requiring a large space in the boiler room with implications for health risks as regards the development of the Legionella bacteria due to the high content of stored water.

One ideal technical and economic solution for DHW installations in sports centres are the semi-instantaneous total HM TC condensing system generators (that work on a condensing curve for both heating and DHW). Thanks to an energy recovery system based on flue gas that preheats the mains water entering the generator, these units can achieve a performance of up to 105% s/PCI compared to the 94-95% of a condensing boiler producing DHW.

In addition to improvements as regards instant performance, these technologies reduce the losses resulting from accumulation, exchange and distribution, thereby increasing the seasonal performance of the facility. Thanks to “Tank in Tank” exchange systems with an extremely high capacity for transferring the energy generated through a pre-mix modulating burner, there is no need to install the accumulator tanks required by a conventional system to cover peaks in consumption, with the consequent associated energy saving.

Gaspar Martín
ACV, Technical Director

Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2015