Semi-instantaneous systems for DHW production in industrial installations

There are numerous industrial-type applications that consume large quantities of hot water at high temperatures, with instantaneous flows that can achieve extremely high levels. This type of installations include drive-through car washes, applications for cleaning processes in the food industry, cleaning out barrels in wineries, dishwashers for hotel and catering businesses and so on. Traditionally, to meet these needs, businesses have resorted to systems with high accumulated volumes to guarantee such critical consumption moments or steam-heated systems (given that the required temperatures in these installations can reach almost 85-90 ºC). However, such solutions involve high energy expenditure and occupy a lot of space in the room in which the units are installed.

ACV proposes the ideal technical and economic solution for this type of installations that has such demanding hot water requirements in terms of flow and consumption temperature: semi-instantaneous generators.

These technologies incorporate “Tank in Tank” inter-accumulation systems with an extremely high capacity for transferring the energy generated by means of a highly efficient, pre-mix modulating burner with a low level of emissions, thanks to the wall of the inner accumulator tank acting as an entire exchange surface. This results in extremely short operation and recovery times (between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the model in question), in addition to a high level of adaptability in the light of unforeseen consumption or consumption peaks occurring close together. Read more…

Gaspar Martín
ACV, Technical Director

Article published in: FuturENERGY May 2015