September-October 2020

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ASSIST2WIND is the latest project from Ingeteam, whose primary aim is to develop the next generation of Ingeboards® tools to incorporate emerging technologies that will represent a considerable improvement over the current tool.

Ingeteam is currently working on the ASSIST2WIND R&D+i project, whose main lines of activity will affect aspects such as secure and reliable access to information, the incorporation of predictive maintenance functionalities and improvements in useability and daily operation, through the use of augmented reality, Big Data and cyber security. The project will explore new techniques for pairing systems and offline formats in order to maintain data remanence during periods without coverage and update the data when back online.

Another of the milestones to be achieved is an enhanced fault prediction capacity by building new data sources into the prediction algorithms, such as meteorological information or data originating from inspections and testing based on unstructured data.

Ingeboards 2.0

ASSIST2WIND uses the Ingeboards® product as its basis, an asset management platform developed by the Technological R&D+i personnel at Ingeteam in 2014. The Ingeboards platform was developed to manage the O&M services of renewable energy plants managed by Ingeteam and by third parties. This new project is set to bring to the market a solution that will significantly improve the quality and reliability of O&M tasks corresponding to renewable energy systems. The project is based on three main lines of work



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