SF7 Tandem, the first 2P tracker joined every two rows

Soltec, leader in the manufacture and supply of solar trackers at global level, has recently launched its SP7 Tandem tracker. This is the world’s first solar tracker to come onto the market that is linked every two rows in a 2-in-Portrait (2P) configuration. The features of the SF7 Tandem combine the best of 2P trackers with the best of 2-row trackers, while achieving a reduction in both installation and operating costs.

The SF7 Tandem is equipped with a Cardan shaft, which forms the axis to link both trackers, installed at a height of 1.8 metres to allow vehicles to pass between the rows. In this way, plant maintenance and washing are quicker, easier and more effective, irrespective of the weather and climate conditions.

Thanks to the essential characteristics of the SF7 tracker from Soltec, this tracker model joined every two rows can adapt to any terrain. The SP7 Tandem also comes with TeamTrack 2.0 to maximise solar plant power generation. This asymmetrical backtracking system achieves an optimum level of performance, regardless of the plant’s location, the nature of the terrain, time of day or season. In addition to being a maintenance-free system, TeamTrack from Soltec is able to reduce the costs of projects situated on slopes or uneven ground.

SP7 Tandem has 20% fewer parts, 45% fewer piles and 50% less motors in the tracker controller, compared to a 1-in-Portrait configuration solar tracker. It is also quicker to install, which impacts on both the costs reduction and the installation time.

Ranked third in the world

This is one of the most developed products that Soltec has supplied to the solar PV industry since the company’s founding in 2004. Soltec currently has a track record of over 11 GW of trackers worldwide. The company is ranked as the world’s third solar tracker manufacturer and heads up the Latin American market, according to the latest study released by IHS Markit, making it the leading company in the region in 2019 as well as on a cumulative basis.

From the outset, Soltec has been particularly committed to the development of solar PV on the Latin American continent, enjoying a position of prominence in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Chile. The projects implemented by Soltec in these countries are increasingly larger and are particularly tending towards bifacial technology.

Soltec has been committed to bifacial technology since 2015, when it created the first solar tracker specifically manufactured for bifacial solar modules for utility-scale plants. This experimental project was situated in ‘La Silla’ (Chile), since which time, the Spanish company has been developing and improving its bifacial technology to lead the trend in the sector.