SFOne, the new double-row 1P tracker from Soltec

FuturENERGY July-September 2021

SFOne, el nuevo seguidor de Soltec 1P de doble fila

Renewables are at a key moment, with an ambitious future ahead and strong growth prospects. Specifically, PV energy is positioned as one of the clean energies with the most potential. According to the Climate and CleanTech report from IHS Markit for the period 2021-2025, half of the 1.3 billion dollars to be invested to 2025 is destined for investment in solar PV projects, of the total of 255 billion dollars that will be invested in renewable energies in 2021.

The race to lead the energy transition has resulted in internationally recognised companies such as Soltec constantly promoting innovation with a firm commitment to both society and the environment. Soltec has been supporting renewables for over 17 years through its specialisation in solar PV power and its response to its clients’ needs. Its commitment to innovation and to offer clients the best products that also contribute to the energy transition, has turned the company into one of the world’s leaders in the supply and manufacture of solar trackers.

Headed up its CEO, Raúl Morales, the Spanish company has recently launched SFOne onto the market, a new double-row, 1P configuration solar tracker, thus expanding its portfolio and responding to the demands of both its clients and the market.