Shaft couplings: for sophisticated uses, customised solutions are best

    Wherever machine, plant and vehicle construction present very high and specific requirements for drive components such as shaft couplings, brakes or overload systems, the use of fully customised or individually developed products and systems may be the best solution. To respond to this need, KTR has developed “Engineered Business” and the first references are now available.

    The principle of “make do” may have worked for engineering in the past, when machine elements were oversized due to numerous safety coefficients and a lack of precise calculation methods. Customers were satisfied if the machine or vehicle more or less worked as required.


    Today, constructors aim to achieve the best level of function and performance. At the same time, performance thresholds are clearly increasing and environmental conditions demand higher requirements from drive elements. Read more…

    Reiner Banemann
    Team Manager, Engineered Business, KTR

    Article published in: FuturENERGY June 2017