Siemens hands over first North Sea grid connection to TenneT

Siemens has handed over the first North Sea HVDC grid connection, BorWin2, to its customer TenneT. The German-Dutch transmission grid operator has accepted the project following successful completion of test runs by Siemens. The grid connection is therefore now in commercial operation. The offshore platform of the BorWin2 grid connection is located around 100 km off the German coast, northwest of the island of Borkum. With this grid connection it is now possible to transmit 800 MW of clean electricity from wind power.

Siemens installed the platform at this 39-meter-deep North Sea location back in April 2014. The Global Tech 1 wind farm, with its 80 wind turbines, is linked to BorWin2. 50% of the grid connection capacity of BorWin2 is available for connection of a second wind farm.

The network operator TenneT contracted the consortium consisting of Siemens and the cable specialist Prysmian for the BorWin2 grid connection in 2010. Siemens is now implementing five North Sea grid connection projects for TenneT: HelWin1 (576 MW) and HelWin2 (690 MW), BorWin2 (800 MW) and BorWin3 (900 MW) and SylWin1 (864 MW). The connections Sylwin1, HelWin1 and HelWin2, are nearly completed and are scheduled to take up commercial operation in the first half of 2015. Siemens received its latest order for a grid connection in the North Sea, BorWin3, in a consortium with Petrofac in 2014. Commissioning of this fifth grid connection is scheduled for 2019. The grid connections implemented by Siemens for TenneT will have a total transmission capacity of more than 3.8 GW.