Siemens to supply compact steam turbines to Russia and Turkey

Siemens has received two orders from Russia and Turkey for a model SST-111 compact steam turbine. One turbine was ordered by the Russian aluminum producer Rusal for a production facility in Volgograd and is to be delivered at the end of April 2017. The other turbine is to be supplied to the Mimsan boiler manufacturer in Turkey. This turbine is to be used in a biomass plant of the owner Oltan Köleoglu Energy in the Turkish city of Mecitözü, a good 250 kilometers east of Ankara. This SST-111 turbine is scheduled to take up operation in the summer of 2017.

The SST-111 for the Russian project was ordered by Rusal. The French company Fives Solios SA is building a plant for Rusal in Volgograd which will manufacture anodes for the production of aluminum starting next year. The waste heat from the plant will be utilized by the SST-111 turbine to generate around 8 MW of electricity for power supply to the production facilities. Anodes and cathodes are used for applying electricity to the source material bauxite to liquefy it for the production of aluminum. Also included in the scope of supply is a generator, a condenser, an exhaust steam line and a reducing station. A similar reference plant is already in operation in Gomel in Belarus.


The second turbine is to be used in a biomass power plant of the end customer Oltan Köleoglu Energy. The plant is fueled primarily with hazelnut shells for generating electricity. The Turkish Black Sea region produces three quarters of the world’s hazelnut supply. The scope of supply for this order also includes site erection and on-site commissioning.

Source: Siemens