Smart infrastructures and public services management

The Rivas Town Hall (Madrid), a member of RECI, the Spanish Smart Cities Network since its creation in June 2012, is firmly committed to progressing the efficiency and sustainability of its municipality through the intensive use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), adopting measures to optimise infrastructures and public services management. Rivas is particularly focused on everything relating to smart street lighting and is already a reference on this subject, not only for other member cities of RECI, but also outside Spain.

Achieving efficiency in the management of municipal offices is one of the municipality’s priority objectives and part of this challenge is the Smart Outdoor Courts project. In structural terms, this project is based on a smar t lighting solution through the end-to-end management of its 7,541 LED technology luminaires. This project demonstrates how ICT and telecommunication structures are an essential component of more efficient management, bringing down consumption from 6.5 GW to 4 GW and reducing CO2 emissions by 990 t/year.

To improve the monitoring and regulation control of the luminaires, a solution based on a Broadband Programmable Logic Controller (B-PLC) control system was chosen that allows the actual power line of the street lighting to be used as a communication system to control and manage the active control units. It additionally allows a broadband telecommunications network to be created on the power grid for other Ethernet applications. Read more…
Carlos Ventura Quilón
Rivas City Council representative on the Technical Committee of RECI, the Spanish Smart Cities Network

Article published in: FuturENERGY November 2015