Smart lighting for industrial installations and outdoors

The LED is a light source with a future full of possibilities. This technology has experienced an exceptional evolution in recent years, surpassing in efficiency terms the most efficient lamps that exist in the market based on other conventional technologies. The possibilities of this technology in combination with smart control systems offer unique regulation and immediate response features, essential to achieving a significant energy saving, in addition to prolonging the life of the LED and, as such, considerably reducing maintenance costs. These energy savings can even amount to over 85%.

For more than five years, the technicians at Leycolan have been working to equip outdoor and industrial lighting systems, in other words, the lighting of large spaces, with intelligence and to make them more efficient. Leycolan’s solutions bring together LED technology based on COB LED (Chip-on-Board) that considerably facilitates maintenance tasks and the job of replacing lighting components, with Power Line Communication (PLC) technology.

In this way, the existing light cabling infrastructures can be made use of to communicate with the lighting points via a physical medium, which is much harder to sabotage or be interfered with by external agents. In addition, they can be integrated into other IP services, such as peripheral-type cameras, information panels, WiFi relays, IP speakers, etc., with the system providing a communication bridge for all these applications that can subsequently be centralised or redirected as necessary via web-based communication. Read more…

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2016