There are more than 70 science and technological parks in Europe that play a key role in the economic and innovation sector. Science and technological parks (STPs) are areas characterised by a high concentration of businesses. In most cases their activity is based on IT technologies, R&D and high-tech manufacturing companies with a considerable level of associated energy consumption, and as a result, improved competitiveness through an efficient use of energy is crucial to achieve European objectives.

Energy demand in the parks has to be largely covered by the local green power generation. A high degree of energy self-sufficiency allows STPs in the Med area consume less energy by reducing losses in distribution and transmission networks. In addition it will lead to the incorporation of technologies that make use of renewable energy or energy waste sources through the deployment of Smart Grids.

The Smart Grid integrates the energy infrastructure, processes, devices, information and markets into a coordinated and collaborative process that allows energy to be more effectively and efficiently generated, distributed and consumed.

Article published in: FuturENERGY April 2015