Solar power, energy that is here to stay

Green buildings, airports, supermarkets, country homes, remote regions without grid access, utility scale plants and even an aircraft that has circumnavigated the world; solar PV technology has increased its global presence in different applications over the past decade and Mexico is no exception. The age of expensive, low performance and unreliable PV modules is a thing of the past. Today, solar PV power is cost-competitive with conventional sources and this has turned it into a great alternative to be considered and used in buildings in the residential sector, as well as for power generation in large solar parks.

We are seeing a shift from traditional centralised generation towards distributed generation using renewables technologies. More and more intermittent power is increasingly being injected into the electrical grid and this requires better system regulation. Accurate and reliable information is a necessity, allowing faster system management to avoid any congestion or interruption to the supply.


The brain of a PV system is the solar inverter that, apart from converting direct current into alternating current, controls and manages the behaviour of the PV plant depending on the conditions and needs of the grid. The new generation of residential inverters from ABB incorporates smart communication and control functions so that they can form part of smart buildings and of future smart grids while complying with the strictest standards. Read more…

Julia Salovaara
Business Developer Solar Inverters, ABB México

Article published in: FuturENERGY July-August 2017