SolarCity Teams Up With Nest, Adding to the List of Solar-Smart Home Partnerships

SolarCity is the latest solar company to partner with a smart home technology provider in an effort to deepen relationships with customers.

This morning, SolarCity, the country’s biggest residential solar installer, announced that it will offer 10,000 Nest thermostats to customers in California. The goal, say the companies, will be to monitor how pairing smart thermostats with photovoltaics can make systems more valuable for homeowners and the grid.

SolarCity is the first solar provider to integrate energy services through Nest. The company will offer “seasonal savings” to customers by slightly adjusting temperatures over the course of a few weeks during shoulder seasons, thus “teaching” the thermostat to stay at a more efficient (but comfortable) temperature during the peak of winter or summer.

SolarCity will integrate Nest data into its MySolarCity app to help homeowners visualize energy consumption. Over the coming months, SolarCity will start integrating with other devices in the home through the “Works With Nest” developer platform — potentially allowing it to link up with appliances, LED lights or home-wide control systems.