SolarMax Group wins back former Sputnik customers

Borken/Münsterland based ELEKTROKASS was one of the first to sign up to the new SolarMax Premium Installer (SPI) programme.

This concept sees the solar inverter manufacturer stocking an external store on its customers’ premises with the required replacement devices. This saves delivery trips to the end customer and reduces solarmax-2replacement time for defective string inverters to a minimum.

ELEKTROKASS has been installing SolarMax inverters since 2002, and has to date installed more than 8,000 devices. Most of these are MT-series inverters. The company is buying five megawatts this year alone. The seven inverters from this series have rated outputs of 6 to 15 kilowatts, two or three MPP trackers and attain European efficiency rates of 97.5 per cent.