Solarpack to build a 55 MWp solar photovoltaic farm for Chile

Solarpack, a Spanish multinational company specializing in the development, construction and operation of solar photovoltaic plants, has been selected to supply up to 110GWh p.a.(the equivalent to USD 7 MM), for a 20 year period to the Chilean Electricity Distributors that supply energy to the regulated segment of the country’s electricity consumers. The tender process under which Solarpack has been awarded was sponsored by the distribution companies and was organized under the supervision of the CNE (National Energy Commission under its Spanish acronym), the Ministry of Energy and the SEC (Electricity and Fuels Superintendence).

The total energy tendered was 1,200 GWh p.a., of which 550 corresponded to the daylight (8 6 p.m.) block.

To reach this production, Solarpack, through its Chilean subsidiary Amunche Solar SpA, will build a 55MWdc solar photovoltaic plant that must be completed by January 1, 2017. Solarpack has been awarded 10 sub-blocks of type 4b to supply up to 110GWh under the Supply Tender 2015/02. The other successful tenderers of this sub-block were First Solar and Aela Energía.DCIM101GOPRO

The future solar plant La Constitucion will supply clean energy to Chile’s regulated energy consumers, who will benefit from Solarpack’s bid price – the lowest among the tenderers – of 64.849 USD/MWh. A relevant highlight of this tender is that the bids from renewable energy companies resulted more competitive than the large traditional energy companies, leaving them unawarded.

Solarpack already has three other photovoltaic plants in Chile: Calama Solar, which was the first utility scale plant in South America with an installed capacity of 1.1MWdc; Pozo Almonte Solar 2-3, which with a capacity of 25.4 MWdc meets 13% of Doña Inés de Collahuasi mining company’s demand, and; Pozo Almonte Solar 1, of 10.5 MWdc that is connected to the SING system.

In addition to the Chilean projects, Solarpack manages a broad portfolio of projects in Spain, India, Peru, USA, Uruguay Mexico and South Africa.  Solarpack has also finalized the construction of 62MWdc in Peru and 34.6 MWdc in Spain.